purple pony studio
No. 25 "The River Over Flows" Oil 14" x 11"
No. 26 "A Trip to the Ocean for Dee" Oil on Canvas 7" x 5"
No. 27 "Tea Time Over" Pen 5" x 7"
No. 28 "Corner of the Pond" Pen Sketch 7" x 4"
No. 34 "Wishing to Be In the Country" Oil
No. 30 "They Stand in Rememberance" Collage
No. 31 "On the Green in Dover" Oil
No. 32 "Green Bottles & Purple Grapes" Mixed Media
No. 33 "Moon Light" Mixed Media
No. 29 "Insight" Mixed Media
No. 17 "Fruit Basket" Computer Sketch
No. 35 "At The Agriculture Museum" Oil
No. 36 "Bombay Hook" Oil
No. 37 "Crossing The River" Photograph