Carol dePlanque

Don't know where to begin. 50 years is long, long time.

I graduated from University of Oklahoma in 1963, started working in a biochemistry lab in Oklahoma City. Married Wayne in August '63, during his two weeks "vacation" from active Army duty. Then he spent his "honeymoon" back at Scoffield Barracks, Hawaii, and I went back to work in OK.

When Wayne finally got out of the army, he re-entered Univ. Okla. to finish his degree in Electrical Engineering. When he graduated in '66 he took a job at Ft. Meade, MD and the three of us moved to MD. Oh yes, Brian was born in Feb. '66, about a year earlier than we'd planned.

We lived in MD for 13 years, first in College Park and then in Annapolis. We loved our 5 acres in Annapolis. That's where I started to raise vegetables and I've been growing them for the family ever since.

Between '66 and '79 we lived, worked, renovated a 1916 farm house in Annapolis, and had two more children (Scott in'68 and Robin in '71), a dog, a few cats, chickens, gerbils and a few other animals that weren't allowed in the house.

In 1979, Wayne left NSA and took a job with Motorola in their space industry. Yes, Wayne is a space engineer. As all three children were in school, I wanted to go back to work. So I went back to school, got a degree at ASU in Medical Technology, and started working in hospital clinical labs. My specialty is clinical microbiology.

So the kids kept getting older and Wayne and I kept working to support all their activities, also becoming band parents (once we fed 200 band kids out of the back of our pickup truck at a band competition in CA), supporters of various sports, dance and other teen activities. Then they finally were out of high school and into college, the Navy, and working. Then the marriages started and the grandkids started and we became the traveling grandparents as both boys were living in far away states. Robin at least still lives in AZ and is only 2 hours away.

We retired from full-time employment in 2000 and moved to our woods in Northern AZ where the temperatures are much more to my liking. I did not like living in the heat of the Phoenix area. We live on one acre of heavily wooded property where I garden and Wayne has his wood working shop. We are still the traveling grandparents. About every two years we manage to get all of the Daily clan together at some place where all the cousins can play and have fun. The attached picture shows all of our clan last June at Schlitterbahn, a waterpark in New Braunfels, TX, (north of San Antonio). Fabulous place. And we had a ball.

So that catches us up on the last 50 years.

Hope you all have a ball at the reunion. I won't be there for the hugs, laughter and fun but you'll be in my thoughts. Wishing you all another 50 years of good health and love, Carol (dePlanque) Daily


Daily family 2008 at Schlitterbahn in TX
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