Linda Marshall Bohnel

  Immediately after graduating from MPHS my family moved to Ridgewood. For some reason my parents thought that my sister would get a better education there - which is kind of strange because when my sister married, she moved back to Midland Park and brought up her two children in the MP school system.

I attended Douglass College, which is part of Rutgers University, and graduated in 1963 as a physical education teacher. I met my future husband, Jay, in the second semester of our senior year. He graduated from Rutgers with a major in accounting in 1963 also.

I learned from my student teaching that the elementary level was the place to teach. The kids love you and can’t wait to have your class - as opposed to jr. and sr. high school girls. So I taught in Waldwick for one year and then moved to Pearl River, NY when I got married and taught there for 3 more years.

Our first daughter was born in 1967 and our son in 1969. I continued to substitute teach through those early years. I gave it up after our second daughter was born in 1975.

We became sports parents - becoming involved with coaching little league teams for all three, running the Pop Warner Midget Football program in town and going to swim meets all over the east coast for our youngest - who ended up earning a swimming scholarship for college.

As of right now, our children (who are 42, 40 and 34) are not married. So we do not have any grandchildren to brag about. However, we do have lots of granddogs, and when we get together for the holidays, there are more dogs in the house than people. Fortunately, they all get along.

This summer our son is getting married. This will be a grand event for our family - since it is the first wedding. We are definitely looking forward to the occasion.

I have not gone back to work in my chosen field, but I have done tutoring for the college, bookkeeping and “girl Friday” work for a very close friend and classmate.

My husband has been working for CPA firms for many years and was hoping to retire, but with the economy the way it is, things do not look too promising. Now he works during tax season - which is January through April and then again September and October.

We have a fantastic vegetable garden in the summer and supply all of our friends and neighbors with tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, peas, string beans, etc.

We have moved quite a few times to keep up with the growing needs of our family, and we have now downsized for just the two of us and our dogs. However, we have not moved far away from our roots - Jay’s being Pearl River and mine, Midland Park.

We have bought a house down at the New Jersey shore - Toms River - with our older daughter. It is great for getting away on the weekends in the summer. Now maybe we will be able to get there during the week too. Can’t wait for the warm weather.

Linda Marshall Bohnel
April 16, 2009

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Linda & Jay
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