Sandy McLaughlin

I lived in Midland Park from my birth until November of 1957 when my Dad was transferred to State College, Pennsylvania. I started kindergarten (with Miss Kistler I think it was) living on Orchard Street next door to Jack LaSota and up the street from Doug Mastin, Eric Westling, and Harry Taylor, all living in the neighborhood ready to skate on the Marlow Pump pond or “belly flop” down Irving Street on snowy days.

Life was busy after moving to State College. I went to Penn State for two years and then transferred to Columbia University in New York where I got a degree in nursing. I was married in 1964 to Al Johanson, a Columbia Law student. We lived in Manhattan and I worked as a Visiting Nurse in the South Bronx until Christopher was born in 1967.

We moved to the suburbs (ie Summit, NJ) to raise the kids. Karin was born in 1968. I worked part-time, got involved in community activities, and in 1976 returned to graduate school at NYU. With a Master’s in Nursing Education, I began teaching (maternity, pediatrics, and principles of research) at Seton Hall, Columbia, and NYU. I became certified as a psychotherapist, completed work on a PhD, and organized a research department at Morristown Hospital. I continue to see clients in my private practice having subspecialty interests in women’s reproductive issues, and coping with cancer. The rest of my time is spent walking the dogs (Samantha, a 12 year old yellow Labrador; and Abbey, a 3 year old lab/golden mix), taking care of Karin’s cat Sprinkles, trying to keep some order in my house and garden, traveling, and volunteering.

Christopher is married and now living in Bowling Green, Kentucky where his wife Yvonne is an Associate Professor in the Art Department at Western Kentucky University. He is back in graduate school for a degree in IT involving Global Positioning Systems. Karin is married and has her own veterinary practice in Morristown. She specializes in Holistic veterinary care and is a licensed veterinary acupuncturist. No grandchildren sadly for me, but lots of dogs and cats in the family!

I was very happy when Bill McLaughlin Freund found me on the internet and the Class invited me to rejoin the class! Harry Taylor and his wife Rae, a nurse, have become good friends. It’s nice to have a little more time to take is easy and reconnect with old friends. Am looking forward to Reunion in May!

Sandy McLaughlin Johanson
April 20, 2009


Abbey and Samantha at the St. Patrick’s Parade!
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