Ken Vander Pyl

Where to begin, 50 years seams like only yesterday.

After graduating from MP high school I attended a trade school for drafting, designing and geometry for one year in Newark, NJ.

I began work in 1960 for ACF Industries, Paramus. After about a year and a half I left the company and became a contractor.

For over 14 years I did drafting, designing, tool designing and printed circuit layout for many companies like Bendix, Kearfott, FEC, Lycoming, ATT and many more.

After six months in the National Guard I started working direct for a few companies like Holobeam Inc. (One of the first companies to developed laser drilling technology) and Compuscan Corp. (beginning of OCR optical character readers and laser printers)

In 1980 I started working directly for Bendix (what a ride though corporate America). Bendix was bought out by Allied Signal, which bought Honeywell, and our group was divested and sold to L3 Commutations from which I retired in 2001.

Some of the programs I worked on at Allied included ISS/CMG (international space station-center momentum Gyro) SRB (solid Rocket Booster) for the space transporter and MLRS (Multi Launch Rocket System).

In 1981 they took away our drafting pencils and gave us light pens the start of CAD (computer aided design).

After retiring in 2001 I returned to Honeywell as contractor for a few more years.

Enough of the business world, in 1965 I met Dottie my better half (at Stewarts carhop in Paramus) and we were married in 1967.

In 1970 along came Deb, our one and only, then two grandsons TJ and David, which by the way are all living with us now.

In a previous writing I said we enjoyed traveling with Tauck Tours, and have now done seven tours including Alaska, Hawaii, Canadian Rockies and four out in western states. We have also toured with World Wide Country and Caravan tours including tips to Glacier National Park, British Columbia, around Lake Michigan, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

I love to travel which brings me to my last subject fishing (if there are fish out there I will go). I have fished in a few countries, two times in Argentina, Belize, a recent trip to Chile and a number of times to our own beautiful Alaska. Dot and I both enjoy fly-fishing in our local NJ and NY waters.

Hope to see you all at the reunion.

Ken Vander Pyl

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