Dale VanHeest

Greetings everyone,

Wishing you all a fine time at the reunion. Perhaps you'll be able to send me some pictures via e-mail....isn't this time in history great????:) :) :) Lots of stressful stuff going on but lots of new and innovative things too...:) :) :)

After high school there was marriage, 5 children many many moves over the earth and then a divorce. I now call that 'my other life' :) :) Since then I've graduated from a community college with a degree in Human Service with a major in 'Gerontology'....that should come in handy now but I can't remember that far back...(only kidding) . I think I Graduated from State University at Cortland in l986..WOW that's a long time ago ...Have been administrator of an Adult Home, program director for an agency that provides community residence for disabled adults and now work as a residence counselor in a community residence that serves 4 adults . It's a great job at this time of life...not much stress and the house is like a second home and the folks who live there are great.

There are 11 grandchildren. The oldest will be getting married this summer on a Hudson River boat cruise. I hope the weather is nice and the boat doesn't sink...:) :) :) Two grandsons are graduating from high school this year. One has been accepted into the Coast Guard. The rest are still in school ranging from Jr. year in college to kindergarten. I'm looking forward to our yearly get together on Labor Day. It's a week-end of sleeping in tents, lots of eating and much laughter.

Well that puts 50 years into a few lines.... :) :) Have a great week-end.


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