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Join the Discover Dover Day Coalition, a community group made up of organizations, individuals and businesses, who are coordinating the First Annual Discover Dover Day Festival on June 12, 2011. This exciting event will bring people together to enjoy what the businesses, restaurants, museums, schools and social organizations have to offer Dover.

 Near the end of the Festival (at 4pm) there will be a short bike parade where children can show off their newly decorated bikes with a BMX number plate, spoke noise makers, handle bar streamers and handle bar creatures done at Marty's Reliable Bike Booth. Throughout the day Marty's will have a mechanic available to do bike safety checks for all. There will be a skills course set up to practice bike safety techniques like hand signaling and riding in a figure eight (helmets are required to participate).

For more information or to participate in this event please call Jody at the Community Children's Museum 973-366-9060 or email For Sponsorship or Advertisement information contact

Photograph by Joan Bocchino